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Kebaya Batik Modern

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Kebaya is a traditional blouse worn by Indonesian women made from thin material worn with a sarong , batik , or other traditional knitted garment such as songket with a colorful motif . Batik is one way of making fabric . Besides batik can refer to two things . The first is the technique of coloring cloth using the night to prevent staining in part of the fabric . In the international literature , this technique is known as wax - resist dyeing . The second notion is the fabric or clothing made with these techniques , including the use of certain motives which have peculiarities . Kebaya Batik is batik fabric blend that is designed to be beautiful kebaya and dress combined with matching flowers with sequin embellishments plus batik cloth thus making batik cloth into a dress that is beautiful and very elegant when worn women in Indonesia . This dress can describe the characteristics of the Indonesian nation at this time , this dress is very elegant with modern kebaya design that is perfect for the modern woman to preserve Indonesian culture , modern kebaya can be worn at weddings and other formal events . 

Crystals Elegant Modern Batik Kebaya

Kebaya Batik Bridal Classics

Kebaya Batik Modern Red Tails topless

Kebaya Batik Modern Tails Stack

Kebaya Modern Batik Kimono

Modern Batik Kebaya Black Charming

Modern Batik Kebaya Brocade Skirt Tule

Modern Batik Kebaya dress Black dazzle

Modern Batik Kebaya dress Butterfly

Modern Batik Kebaya dress Color Gold

Songket Kebaya Batik Modern Spoiled

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