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Kebaya Modern by Vera

Monday, 14 April 2014

Brocade 's More Beautiful and Earthy 

We must be grateful and proud of the kebaya , the national football Indonesian . Clothing of this one simple form , only in the middle and elongated menangkup down, however , can boast elegant and soft side of a woman. From this simple form , it appears kebaya can be adapted in a variety of fashion, make kebaya can follow bertransformasi unlimited creativity . Can you compare it with other country's traditional clothes , no sefleksibel kebaya to be modified to make various styles. 
Kebaya Modern Design - Wearing kebaya has now become a kind of fashion kebaya mode which is quite popular . This disebabka by getting better and modern kebaya model from there to make our society a favor and do not shy away when using the kebaya. Because the old world kebaya is considered archaic and traditional clothing , so much that is not so interested in using one of these clothes . However , along with the development period which also influences our fashion world , the kebaya has now been modified so that wearing it will make you look more graceful and elegant Model kebaya kebaya brocade like this Anggraini Vera shows you can make a choice solution for an attractive appearance and unusual in the sense will look more different than you normally appearance . 
For that below we show some examples of Vera brocade blouse that you can make an alternative choice to develop your appearance to be more attractive . Along with the development of the shirt and blouse model , you need to take one of the models as model kebaya kebaya as your favorites. The blouse should be used for official events or even informal events . 
For that I recommend using a model of type blouse with brocade blouse name . Model kebaya brocade is one haute fariasi using brocade blouse as an ingredient in manufacturing , which makes it a model baju kebaya very beautiful , elegant and suitable Abggraini Vera plan used by all women in Indonesia. Choice model variations brocade blouse is also very much up to you, the women do not have to worry about running out of range of our liking . 
To know more about modern kebaya brocade models already available in the market then here are some examples of brocade blouse Vera Anggraini ranging from brocade model baju kebaya modern , france, muslim , bali , and short sleeves. 

By Vera Kebaya Kebaya Party

By Vera Marriage Kebaya Kebaya

elegant black brocade kebaya by vera
 gold brocade wedding kebaya modern kebaya vera
 kebaya brocade mermaid tail vera sweet pink kebaya
 kebaya brokat aserehe vera kebaya
kebaya broke long elegant vera kebaya
 kebaya kebaya brocade ribbon sweet vera
 Kebaya vera with black pants
kebaya with red brocade kebaya accessories by vera 

Orance sequin kebaya modern kebaya vera

sweet yellow brocade kebaya with ribbons vera kebaya

vera blue brocade kebaya modern kebaya

vera green sequin party kebaya kebaya

Vera Model kebaya Mini Skirt Sweet

vera white brocade kebaya kebaya

white brocade wedding kebaya modern kebaya vera


  1. Hi there, I just read your blog post. I am currently overseas but will be heading to Indonesia (to visit family) in a couple of months. Do you know how I can get in contact with Vera Anggraini? I can't seem to find a website.

    1. Hi..you may reach her on instagram at https://www.instagram.com/verakebaya/
      There is her contact number there.

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