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Wear Kebaya Barbie doll cute

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Hi girls .. It turns kebaya fashion is not just a trend for those of us Ajah loh .. Modern Kebaya is now a fashion bride and not just the bride and groom but the boys are all grown up now like a modern kebaya. Thanks to the skilled hands of our designers Kebaya that were once impressed outdated now become a bone of contention of all people. With the addition of a few accessories, knick knacks and a shawl made kebaya to be a trend that is not lost on those clothes korean artist. Well this time I would give some of the Barbie doll image that does not appear to be outdone by the modern kebaya. So we as citizens let's preserve Indonesian kebaya fashion we do not want to lose the same Barbie doll.

Princess Kebaya Batik Barbiedoll

Batik Kebaya Barbie Classic Silver

Batik Nyonya Kebaya Barbie

Green Kebaya Barbie

Kebaya Barbie doll Exotic

Kebaya Barbie Purple So SWeet

Kebaya Barbie Silver Chiffon

Kebaya Batik dresses Ball Gown Barbie

Kebaya Songket Blue Barbie

KebayaBarbie white scarf

barbie with tradisional dresses

Songket Kebaya Pink Barbie

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