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Kebaya Modern Blue

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Kebaya Modern Fresh Blue Color 

Kebaya designer 's homeland is so beautiful and perfect workmanship . For those of you who do not have enough funds to meet the designer , photo kebaya Olla will inspire you , and generally experienced tailor kebaya kebaya can be formed by photo .. 
Blue with gold or blue with brown seems to be interesting when it becomes form kebaya . But you can also take a mix of other colors such as green with gold , or other appropriate taste . Do not worry with brocade tile cheap in the market , because any brocade would look beautiful when it is sewn into the kebaya . Surely combine with silk satin fabric , so you look brocade kebaya mewah.Model have very good varied designs , materials , and details . Although still adapting archipelago of kebaya , kebaya yet on the market has experienced many changes in the fundamental Kebaya colors also are very diverse . Certain colors are used to avoid the kebaya , now it favored women , such as purple , pink , or blue . It turns out that in addition to the model kebaya , kebaya colors also have a lot of start modified . Blue sea belongs to the category of fresh colors . 
Kebaya is suitable color for the bridal couple with brown skin color . In this kebaya , the main material used is brocade . To enhance and expand the scope of modern design , kebaya is modified by the addition of sequins, fabric , and some supporting accessories . Kebaya , Indonesian traditional clothes is increasingly popular and is selected in the wedding event . In addition to a beautiful impression , kebaya can also display an aura of elegance and kebersahajaan . In order to look fashionable and pretty in her kebaya , carefulness is needed in choosing the model , color , and padupadan makeup , clothing and accessories . The following solid match bridal and modern kebaya for your inspiration . 
is not only considered as part of fashion , but also as a national identity . Wearing kebaya Indonesia necessarily reflect the graceful female figures , exotic and full of kharisma.Kesan is reflected in the work of the designers who created the famous Indonesian kebaya kebaya fashion glamor beautifully with full patience.

beautiful blue kebaya Tosca

blue kebaya for teens

blue kebaya songket

Blue modern kebaya panyet

bright blue kebaya

combination of red blue kebaya

Glamour blue kebaya

Kebaya Blue Olla Ramlan

kebaya blue scarf

kebaya bridal blue collared
 Kebaya modern biru Beautiful Unforgettable
 Kebaya modern copper colour and blue
 kebaya sweet blue and brown
 tailed salted egg blue kebaya
 Unique blue kebaya Gisel
 wedding kebaya blue sea
 Winda Blue collar kebaya Sunda

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