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Kebaya Modern Green

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Prosperity of Kebaya Green 

Kebaya is one of elegance ancestral heritage is invaluable . Wrap berkebaya women are not less beautiful with contemporary clothes . Precisely with traditional clothes , women in Indonesia could appear more character . 
Modern Kebaya current bold color that blends with a variety of colors that are perfect for today's young people who like to be different and fashionable era sekarng already a variation kebaya kebaya even now already global bule bule now many use the term kebaya we lose as Caucasians Caucasians there .
 Modern Kebaya today's increasingly modified with decorative sequins or beads , using a simple design with traditional woven fabric . 
Although the theme is a modern kebaya outfit , but traditional fixed element can not be eliminated . It is all in tune and harmony blend is especially teenagers prefer to use a modified dress with traditional fabrics , such as T - shirts with batik combination . Kebaya green color is also not less ngetrend after Sam and Ashanty married artist and using green kebaya .
 Green symbolizes nature , which means it's quiet , and fresh . The color has become one of the most favored option if someone wants to look fresh and vibrant . One study even suggested every desk has one plant . This refers to the meaning behind the color green . 
Additionally it also reflects the prosperity and green has a masculine character . Not surprisingly , dark green more favored by men . Some green kebaya modern image we show may be your inspiration . 

Brown green kebaya modern

brown green kebaya muslim bride

green kebaya front and rear

kebaya dark green luxury

Kebaya elegant green wedding

Kebaya Green broke

Kebaya green gold wedding

kebaya green gold wedding party

Kebaya modern wedding custom

kebaya pretty green

Kebaya wedding green bottle

Modern kebaya dark green

Modern kebaya pretty green

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