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Kebaya Modern Shades Of Pink

Friday, 11 April 2014

The Feminine Pink 

Many of us see about that some more people wearing kebaya not escape when they visit one of the special events . One traditional clothes kebaya is often the target of today's modern woman and in accordance with the development of the fashion world is rapidly increasing . Kebaya is graceful and elegant into one of the coveted women in the world in the party as well as everyday life. Modern kebaya is now growing rapidly throughout the world almost since the presence of a modern kebaya kebaya - innovated by the great designer . 
The color is a factor that can determine the appearance of the kebaya . Traditional kebaya usually have a white or soft shades . But now white and soft colors no longer dominate the color selection on the kebaya . However, in some occasions or special occasions , white is still used as a symbol of purity. Pink has long been associated with women and feminism , infant and toddler girls clothing and accessories tend to be colored pink . 
Pink gives a feeling of caring , tenderness , self-esteem and love together . Bring the color pink in your life when you mengiginkan feeling calm , peaceful , beautiful and environment to create love in your loved ones . Regardless of its meaning , beautiful color options as a determinant of kebaya is very diverse . Most people still think of pink, green , blue , and gold as a bold color for a kebaya . However , now there is no longer taboo to use bright colors in our appearance . 

cute pink blue kebaya modern

kebaya fanta pink tile sequins

Kebaya is a combination of white and pink are gorgeous

Kebaya modern Modifikasi pink Silver

Kebaya Modern Pink Embroidery

Kebaya Shocking Pink MALINDA

Modern Kebaya dress Pink Embroidered Flowers

Modern Kebaya dress Pink Sequin Butterfly

Modern Kebaya dress Pink Silver

Modern Kebaya dress Pink Yellow

pink kebaya tops caudate

tosca green sequined blouse glamor

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