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Short-sleeved Kebaya

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Kebaya is a fashion line for women that is widely used for formal occasions . Originally kebaya exist only in long-sleeved models . At the time of its development kebaya also made with short sleeves and also a model with a more fashionable variety of forms , for about the appearance of wearing a short-sleeved kebaya is not less beautiful and captivating compared with wearing long sleeves even not a few who say short sleeves more comfortable and more beautiful of the kebaya wearing long sleeves . With different motives are not swing away from the long arm kebaya differ only in long and short sleeve only. There are a lot of models and model kebaya . Ranging from traditional kebaya modern kebaya and also as beautiful . Usually kebaya traditional model is still widely used by parents or mothers of today . And now there are many who prefer to use modern kebaya especially the teenage girls who attended the wedding ceremony , graduation and others who seem to prefer to wear short sleeves kabaya this . Most of the reason is because they follow fashion or the latest trends and also looks like a young child says mothers love with this modern arms , so that the current short-sleeved kebaya more sought after by women and teenage girls . 

China Short Sleeve Blue Kebaya Tosca beautiful

Colorful modern kebaya cheerful

Kebaya Diamond Claret

Kebaya Modern Balloons

Kebaya Modern Classic Short Hand

Kebaya Modern Green Short Sleeve Aurel

Kebaya Modern Party

Kebaya Modern Short Sleeve beautiful and graceful

Modern batik kebaya brocade

Modern Kebaya  Short Skirt

Modern Kebaya dress Long Short Hand

Short Sleeve kebaya modern weaving

short sleeve with Green gold touch

Short sleeves with white

Soft Color Short Dress

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