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Kebaya Modern sexy style Syahrini

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Model Kebaya Modern Syahrini Cetar Formations 
Following the fashion world in 2014 is very interesting to see the Model Kebaya Modern 2014 that carries the latest designs . Clothing kebaya has become a global trend and has a style and color that increasingly diverse . Creations are almost entirely made with the hand skills presenting its design requirements traditions and natural richness . Syahrini kebaya is new lately wrote appeared but a bit much for a special place for women who love to be a model kebaya . It is true that the kebaya is very interesting to look at and can be used for women of all ages ranging from teens to mothers already . Syahrini is an artist born in Sukabumi is currently very popular among the people . but because his work is pretty good , but is also accompanied by a variety of sensations that accompany the journey of his career . One of the sensations that make him more popular is the sensation of the several models of modern kebaya shirt and he is not unusual . No wonder if Syahrini considered as a fashion trend-setter in the country of Indonesia . Almost similar to Lady Gaga , love to make something phenomenal and memorable history . Here is a picture of modern kebaya nan Syahrini sexy style . 

Casual Modren kebaya brocade Syahrini

Exotic Purple Modren Kebaya Payet Silver Wing

Graceful Red Kebaya Payet Modren Silver

Kebaya brocade black flowers Syahrini

Kebaya fur shawl Syahrini

Kebaya Green Peacock Charming Syahrini

 Kebaya modern gold pants Syahrini

Kebaya Orange Syahrini Riveting

Kebaya Silver Princess Syahrini

Kebaya Unique Mini Syahrini

Shades of yellow kebaya Princess Syahrini

 Shades of yellow kebaya Princess Syahrini

 Traditional Kebaya Modern Syahrini shades of gold

 White Kebaya Brocade dress Syahrini

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