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Kebaya Modern shades of gold

Sunday, 30 March 2014

It's Also Not Lose and Keep Tested 

Currently kebaya is not only synonymous combined with batik , kebaya but now can also be combined with jeans or skirts . The kebaya suitable for the young , because kebaya with short sleeves this will lead to the impression of simple and relaxed . In addition to the short-sleeved kebaya can be used in semi-formal events Kebaya is a very valuable cultural heritage . Of course we should be proud as only Indonesia that has a legacy kebaya . Although classical , kebaya able mempuat wearer look more elegant and charming . And the development of models and a wide range of colorful kebaya fashion world has now become a very popular modern kebaya . Kebaya with various model and color of her as white in color with a matching solid yellow and white gold are given shades make kebaya become more luxurious impressed . The color gold is the color symbol of immortality and nobility of gold is also used as a symbol of wealth and power

Elegant Princess with White Gold

Embroidery Kebaya Modern Classical Gold

Kebaya Modern Gold Crown Gold

 Kebaya Modern Gold with Batik

Kebaya Modern Golden Brown

Kebaya Modern silver gold pink red VS

Modern Kebaya batik shawl Bridal Gold

Modern Kebaya Embroidery Gold

Modern Kebaya Green Gold Embroidery

Modern Kebaya Payet Gold

Modern Kebaya Pink Gold Embroidery

Modern Kebaya Pink Gold Embroidery

Modern Kebaya Pink Gold Embroidery

Watch Modern Yellow Gold Noah

White and Gold Glamour

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